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1Admiralty Arch3930
2an ad I enjoy4000
3big building I can't id4110
4another horseman monument4380
5Anthony and Victoria with horse guard4240
6C with horse guard4010
7changing of the guard4300
8approaching St. Paul's4170
9clock tower of St. Paul's3930
10C in front of St. Paul's4220
11C on steps of St. Paul's4030
12view from St. Paul's dome3950
13clock tower of St. Paul's from dome4140
14dome, to which we climbed4260
15Victoria inside staircase of dome4090
16Stephen perched on balcony of dome4170
17C, Stephen, Victoria, Sally4130
18C was not posing4310
19C and Thames4010
20C with London in background4400
21garden below St. Paul's4040
22Victoria inside staircase of dome4300
23towers of Westminster Abbey4190
24Westminster Abbey4690
25Waterloo Station4430
26Victoria, Anthony, Stephen with Houses of Parliament5090
27Big Ben4190
28Big Ben 24180
29Big Ben 35580
31the dome of St. Paul's and the financial district5960
32Canadian consulate4110
33Trafalgar Square from St. M-in-the-F4030
34Trafalgar Square from St. M-in-the-F4280
35fountains in Trafalgar Square4190
36fountains in Trafalgar Square 24170
37Trafalgar Square4090
38base of Nelson's column3930