Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I use Grinnell Gallery when there are a million other photo sharing sites on the net?
A: Grinnell Gallery, like Plans, is specifically designed to help Grinnellians to keep in touch. Unlike other photo-sharing sites, which are just a collection of random people, Grinnell Gallery provides a place where Grinnellians share photos with each other. You can browse through all the photos and see what's going on in the lives of other Grinnellians, or set up an autoread list and see just what your friends are up to.

And besides, creating better ways to procrastinate is a long and proud tradition at Grinnell, and we want to do our part:-)

Q: Who runs this thing?
A: The site was first created by Jonathan Koomjian('03). Now Choed Khannabha('04), Cassie Schmitz('05), and Jonathan work together to maintain the site and reply to your emails.

Q: Is this thing affiliated with Plans or Grinnell College or anything else?
A: No.

Q: How much can I upload?
A: As much as you want! As of 10/18/2005, we were using just 19% of our current storage capacity. So help us get our money's worth: Upload photos!

Q: Can I link directly to my account?
A: Sure, just use http://www.grinnellgallery.com/users/<your_username> where <your_username> is your username.

Q: Is there any kind of autoread thing like the one that exists in Plans?
A: Of course. What kind of a photo sharing site would we be without a kind of autoread thing! Just log in, go to a friends photo, and click on the 'Add to Autoread List' link. Now whenever your friend adds some photos you will see a link on the left under 'Your Autoread List.'

Q: How does the Autoread list work?
A: Our Autoread list functions slightly differently than the plans one. When you add someone to your autoread list, their name will always appear. When they make a change to their albums, a link to each change they made will appear under their name in the autoread list. When you view the change the link will disappear.

Q: How do I change the image that is displayed for an album?
A: Login, go to 'Edit Albums', and click on the album you want to modify. Click on the image you want to be the new cover image, and where it says 'Cover image for the album?' select yes.

Q: Can anyone see my password?
A: No. Your password is encrypted before it is stored, so nobody, including admins, will ever see it.

Q: I'm a total dork and I want to know what technology runs this site. Can you help me?
A: The site is written in Java using hibernate and struts. Check out the full source code at https://svn2.hosted-projects.com/schmitzc/GrinnellGallery/trunk/. It runs on a Tomcat server with a MySQL database on a Slackware Linux machine hosted by Kattare.com. If you interested in the site statistics, you can check them out at http://stats.kattare.com/grinnellgallery.com/. By the way, if you don't get control of your dorkiness, you may be consigned to spending the rest of your life working on photo-sharing sites until the wee hours of the morning.

Q: Is there any place I can buy GrinnellGallery.com t-shirts and hats?
A: Ok, so we made that one up. Sorry.

Q: Why does this FAQ suck so much?
A: If there is something you don't like or understand, use the suggestion form. We can answer your question and add it here so other people won't ask the same damn questions.