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50the backs of Victoria's and Anthony's heads2660
48toward 10 Downing St2670
40base of Nelson's column 22750
47Eye of London2810
39anti-war demonstration2830
43Charles Dickens' haunt2840
45dragon sculpture at Royal Courts of Justice2850
41another view of the eyesore2880
46the Eye and Big Ben2940
42Bank of England2970
49the Texas Embassy2980
9clock tower of St. Paul's4070
12view from St. Paul's dome4090
1Admiralty Arch4100
38base of Nelson's column4130
19C and Thames4170
11C on steps of St. Paul's4180
2an ad I enjoy4190
6C with horse guard4200
33Trafalgar Square from St. M-in-the-F4200
21garden below St. Paul's4210
37Trafalgar Square4280
3big building I can't id4290
15Victoria inside staircase of dome4290
32Canadian consulate4300
13clock tower of St. Paul's from dome4310
17C, Stephen, Victoria, Sally4310
16Stephen perched on balcony of dome4320
8approaching St. Paul's4330
36fountains in Trafalgar Square 24330
28Big Ben 24350
23towers of Westminster Abbey4350
27Big Ben4360
35fountains in Trafalgar Square4360
10C in front of St. Paul's4390
5Anthony and Victoria with horse guard4410
7changing of the guard4440