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Teaching marimba at Maru-a-Pula SchoolTeaching marimba at Maru-a-Pula SchoolView album or this photoThanksgiving with the De Sole FamilyView albumNew Photos (To be sorted later)New Photos (To be sorted later)View album or this photoGreg Johnson's Marimba DesignGreg Johnson's Marimba DesignView album or this photoLanga SteelbandLanga SteelbandView album or this photoLanga Girl's Marimba BandLanga Girl's Marimba BandView album or this photoFinal Azaad ClassFinal Azaad ClassView album or this photoSARCC National Choir FestivalSARCC National Choir FestivalView album or this photoWaterfront MarimbaWaterfront MarimbaView album or this photoGavin's Marimba WorkshopGavin's Marimba WorkshopView album or this photoSpringboks Win the World Cup!Springboks Win the World Cup!View album or this photoPicnic at Llundudno BeachPicnic at Llundudno BeachView album or this photoJeanine's Braids!Jeanine's Braids!View album or this photoRandom Artsy PhotosRandom Artsy PhotosView album or this photoWinelands TourWinelands TourView album or this photoTutoring English at Sithembele Matiso Senior Secondary SchoolTutoring English at Sithembele Matiso Senior...View album or this photoMy Djembe!My Djembe!View album or this photoSteelband Project at Silesian Youth CenterSteelband Project at Silesian Youth CenterView album or this photo
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