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Why my father did not shout, "Fire!" or "Bring water!" I do not know. As he explained it, he thought the former would be counterproductively alarming. I suppose he had a point, but my first impression was that some bathroom appliance was causing a disruption.
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disaster in the making 2.jpgdisaster in...discarded lid of fire alarm.jpgdiscarded lid...D makes off with half of the box springs.jpgD makes off...bed.jpgbedbed 2.jpgbed 2wreckage.jpgwreckagebroken Brita.jpgbroken Britabedding.jpgbeddingshattered glass and melted curtains.jpgshattered...M's reflection.jpgM's reflectionstrands of melted curtains.jpgstrands of...melty2.jpgmelty2melty.jpgmeltywavy strands of melted curtains.jpgwavy strands...D dismantling curtain rod.jpgD dismantling...burned window frame.jpgburned window...curtain rod coming down; reflection of chair.jpgcurtain rod...reflection of door.jpgreflection of...parents.jpgparentsheadboard.jpgheadboardC, fire alarm.jpgC, fire alarmwindex woman.jpgwindex womanM's slippers.jpgM's slippersA's slippers 2.jpgA's slippers 2A's slippers.jpgA's slipperssinged M and comics on freezer.jpgsinged M and...M, singed.jpgM, singednostrils.jpgnostrils