All Users > Christina McFall > Sunday morning, 8-21-05 > ringing around Sunday morning, 8-21-05: ringing around ringing around When I visited York and heard the Minster bells ringing, I didn't really know what was going on. I think it was similar to this: descending tones are struck in succession.

They also rang changes, which is all 120 possible combinations of bells (none rung simultaneously), each played three times. My favorite, though, was ringing the bells back up. They started out ringing them around, then accelerated so that the higher three overlapped with the lower three, then slowed down again and eventually cut out, one by one. Magical.

Trivia: the burgundy and gold fluffy bits are called "sallies".
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Sunday morning, 8-21-05  -  First, saying goodbye to the Sheppersons, my hosts in Horley. Stephen, papa of the house, fell madly in love with my aunt about 30 years ago and has since performed great feats of hospitality for my family.

The other three are from St. Bart's Anglican Church, where Stephen's wife, Sally, rings bells.
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