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market, cows, beach
I enjoyed my last couple of days in Athens. Friday morning I hit the fruit/vegetable market on Xenokratous. Saturday afternoon (I think it was) I made my way to the beach, as penance for not visiting a single Greek island except for Euboia, which doesn't count because it's so huge and close to the mainland. The outing was not very painful, as penances go.
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a13 the fruit market - see the many kiwis.jpga13 the fruit...a14 I will miss the cheap, divine oranges.jpga14 I will...a15 inspecting the wares.jpga15 inspecting...a16 three blocks of Xenokratous.jpga16 three...a17 a giagia and her peppers.jpga17 a giagia...a18 greens.jpga18 greensa19 lemons.jpga19 lemonsa20 to resto.jpga20 to restoa21 tomato heaven.jpga21 tomato...a22 stacked squashes.jpga22 stacked...a23 fish stand.jpga23 fish standa24 closer up.jpga24 closer upa25 the wares.jpga25 the waresa26 making a selection.jpga26 making a...a27 decisions.jpga27 decisionsa28 here fishy.jpga28 here fishya29 children and the purple cow of Kolonaki Square.jpga29 children...a30 invasion of the agelades.jpga30 invasion...a31 la vie en rose.jpga31 la vie en...a32 blue and sparklyi.jpga32 blue and...a33 irresistible to those with camers.jpga33...a34 Syntagma Square.jpga34 Syntagma...a35 another in Syntagma.jpga35 another in...a36 butterfly cow and Constitution hall.jpga36 butterfly...a37 still more.jpga37 still morea38 beloved of children and Pakistanis.jpga38 beloved of...a39 last day in Athens, might as well go to the beach.jpga39 last day...a40 said beach.jpga40 said beacha41 what I stood and watched.jpga41 what I...a42 for a while.jpga42 for a...a42b and then some.jpga42b and then...a43 my backpack on the beach.jpga43 my...a44 wave retreating.jpga44 wave...a45 yes, my legs are white.jpga45 yes, my...a46 gathering wave.jpga46 gathering...a47 and my foot.jpga47 and my...a48 getting washed.jpga48 getting...a49 my reading material - When your shoes strike-ring(hurt).jpga49 my reading...