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October Twentieth, Part I (Streeterville, Old Town)
Generally I edit each subject down to what I think is the 'best' shot, but lately I've noticed that people on facebook often like pictures that I've almost not included... so it might make sense to include 'alternates' from here on out. Also of note: I once thought there was nothing to shoot in Streeterville because it's entirely upscale and commercial, but now that I'm interested in showcases I find that it's a goldmine.
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October Twentieth 003.JPGOctober...October Twentieth 011.JPGOctober...October Twentieth 012.JPGOctober...October Twentieth 015.JPGOctober...October Twentieth 017.JPGOctober...October Twentieth 018.JPGOctober...October Twentieth 019.JPGOctober...October Twentieth 020.JPGOctober...